relive your fall - Metal/Hardcore aus Eisenberg

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relive your fall - Metal/Hardcore aus Eisenberg

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Founded in 2008 Chris, Max, Lucas, Kevin, Wesley and Martin from Eisenberg/Thuringia, actually feel right at home on the stages of bigger and smaller clubs.
They proved their nose for brute, still danceable and melodic music in over 100 shows with a mix of Metal and Hardcore. What unites all 6 is a staggering passion for music and the persistent fun in presenting their material live. Known for energetic and sincere performances these guys are a guarantee for rousing live-shows.
After an early EP named “Awakening of the Tempest” (2009) and a first representing EP named “Closed up Icons” (2012) their first full-length “The Moral of the Sea” was released on the 27th of April.

For dates, songs and information make sure to check out:


We're thankful for every kind of help we could get.


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