MindPlague suchen Shows 2013

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MindPlague suchen Shows 2013

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Wir von MindPlague sind auf der Suche nach Shows

Alle Infos zu uns bekommt ihr hier

Wäre schön mal von dem ein oder anderen zu hören

Dear promoter and Friends

After our new Release Anxiety we are READY to hit every Stage.
We will be very happy about every offer so please get in touch with us!!

Schedule: Everytime
Travel Party: 6 Pers
Backline: Own Backline
Rider: Warm Food (Vegetarian)Non Carbonized Water,Beer & Soft Drinks
Accommodation: Private or at the Club


Mind Plague was born during a jam session with Thomas, Sebastian and Johannes. Soon a dedicated singer was found.Chris united them to a strong cast.The members worked together well and so the first songs where written quickly and released as the first Demo in winter 2009.The first step has been done and was followed by the 2010 release of “a walk with broken ankles” record which shows up with 9 powerful songs, each one less than a minute long featuring elements of Trash, Hardcore and Punk.To promote the new release the band toured east Europe, playing shows in Romania, Hungary, Czechia and Serbia with their friends in “The Lines We Cross”.At this point Chris has already left the band because of personal reasons, what moved Thomas doing the vocals for the tour. The missing Guitarist was replaced by long time friend Christian, who became a integral part of Mind Plague since then.Back home after touring a solution about the missing singer was tried to find, while Thomas went back on the guitar.After intensively searching a suitable voice was found, and Sascha became a member in spring 2011.With new frontman and a lot of inspiration the process of writing new songs started and led to hitting the “Gates of Dawn” Studio in Boos (Eifel) in winter 2011/2012.The result of the recordings will be released to the world of music in May 2012 in form of the 6 song EP named “Anxiety” which builds a bastard of rage and heaviness for Hardcorekids and Metalheads, not restricting to a specific genre.
Be prepared for Mind Plague featuring their songs on one of their heavy and intense live shows.

Music - http://www.mindplague.bandcamp.com ( Download EP for FREE with Digital Booklet )

Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/mindplague23 ( Watch our Video "Anxiety")

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/mindplague23

Tumblr - http://www.mindplague23.tumblr.com

Merch - http://www.mindplague23.bigcartel.com

Name: MindPlague
Hometown: Hachenburg/RLP/Germany
Label: MindPlagueCollective (DIY)
Current Release: "Anxiety" EP
For Fans Of: Ringworm,Toxic Holocaust, Municipial Waste


MindPlague "Demo" 2009
MindPlague "A walk with broken Ankles" 2010 EP
MindPlague "Anxiety" 2012 EP

Touring History
East Europe Tour 2010
Shows in Germany

Thanks & Take Care,



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