HACESJA "Ultrafastnoisecore" 7"EP /out now/

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HACESJA "Ultrafastnoisecore" 7"EP /out now/

Beitrag von refuseXrecords » 10.11.2015, 17:38

Refuse Records presents:

HACESJA "Ultrafastnoisecore" 7"EP OUT NOW!

Straight from the depths of the Polish underground in the early 90's, Hacesja from Poznań was a band active between 1990-1992. More of a powerful example of youthful enthusiasm than musical skills, they still prove to this day how young idealist DIY scene members in Poland at that time had a motivation so strong that they inspired people to start making their own noise in basements all over the country. It was a time that was all about connections and networking and the members of Hacesja were heavily involved in tape-trading all over the world. The raw, noisy and downright primitive sound of Hacesja reflects their fascination of more extreme HC sounds and bands like Lärm, Neos, Siege or Infest, or even early grindcore. The lyrics and (anti)music give the impression that these three youngsters were well entertained themselves, likely while making their neighbors go insane. Hacesja was one of the very first bands in Poland to promote straight-edge. Drummer of the band, Adam Szulc started sharing straight edge ideas, then following afterwards, the most significant Polish Straight Edge team arrived: Cymeon X. In 1990 Hacesja released a tape on US label Aneurysm Tapes with rehearsal and live recordings. This 7" contains the rehearsal side of the tape. It contains 8 songs including an Infest cover. It's strictly limited to 220 copies. It comes with a 12-page booklet including notes from each member and reprints of old interviews from "Maximum RocknRoll" and "Jersey Beat".


Track list:

Side A:

1. Wieloryb 1 00.37
2. Anti Mol 00.30
3. Mamusia 00.34
4. Bałagan 01.16
5. Coraz szybciej 01.41
6. Wieloryb 2 00.08

Side B:

7. No title 1 01.00
8. Fetch the plies (INFEST cover) 02.44


10 test presses (not for sale)
220 copies on black vinyl (w/ button etc) (6,00 EUR + shipping)




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